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Regrets You’ll Never Have

February 14, 2013

recrets“I spent too much time reading my Bible.”

“I said too many encouraging words to my kids.”

“I was too generous with my money.”

“I spent too much time with my family.”

“I shouldn’t have invested so deeply in friends.”

“I wish I wouldn’t have forgiven so many people.”

“I expressed too much love to my spouse on Valentine’s Day.” 🙂

“I wish I wouldn’t have shared Christ as much.”

“I wish I wouldn’t have trusted God so completely.”

What else? What are some other regrets you’ll never have?

  1. Larry Matheney permalink

    I said “Yes” to God too frequently!

  2. Thanks Larry. Love it!

  3. My biggest regret is not spiritual…so I wasn’t going to post it, but here it is…..I didn’t finish college, and it has always kind of eaten at me……. Just throw this one out. Bud

    • Thanks for sharing Bud! All regrets we feel are interesting aren’t they? From my perspective, you’ve raised an incredible family, have a beautiful wife, enjoyed a successful career, good health, and consistently honored God with your life. Most of us desire what it appears you have. 🙂 Again, just my perspective. Oh yeah and you were a professional baseball player for a few years! So I love that you honestly shared this. Appreciate you and all you represent friend.

  4. Just love your thoughts – really! Thanks for sharing these.

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