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Learning from the buzzard

February 18, 2013

Growing up in West Texas the bird I saw most often was the buzzard. As you drive down a Texas road you will commonly interrupt them as they feed on fresh roadkill. As you approach this big, ugly bird it will slowly fly away. Every once in awhile, one will fly directly toward you as it lifts it’s big, ugly body into the air. Did I mention they’re ugly?

I finally noticed a consistent pattern to their launch trajectory. They always fly in the direction they’re facing. So if one is facing you, beware because it will fly directly toward you during it’s launch.


Turns out we humans are exactly like the buzzards. I’m not suggesting a new evolutionary theory but, like the buzzards, we always go in the direction we’re facing.

Your future is determined by your current direction. So it’s critical to understand the direction you’re facing.

Here are 3 questions that will help you discover the direction you’re currently facing:

Who are you spending time with?

Your friends are a preview of the future you. “Walk with the wise and become wise but the companion of fools suffers harm.” – Prov. 13:20

What books are you reading? 

One author said the typical book represents seven years of learning and work on the part of the author. Just think you’re adding 7 years to your life with every book you read! Great books challenge and change the way we think.

How are you investing your time, money, & talents?

Your calendar, your back account, and how your invest your passions/talents reveal the direction you’re facing.

Which one of these questions do you think is most important? Would you add a question to this list?


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