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Will you spot the whale?

March 4, 2013

You’re more likely to spot a whale if you’re looking for one.

On Saturday morning our family took a walk on a beautiful trail which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

As we walked, I was noticing the variety of bushes and wild flowers on either side of the trail. For me, they were interesting and the experience was relaxing.

However, my wife Ginger was more interested in watching the ocean. Which explains why she was the first person to notice the whale surfacing in the ocean below.

Picture from Saturday's hike

Random pic from Saturday’s hike in Sycamore Canyon – Point Mugu State Park near Ventura

To be honest, I’m secretly jealous that I’m never the one saying, “Hey guys look at the ocean! There’s a ___________.” Instead, I’m the one who hears Ginger say that and I respond by saying, “Where?” Then she points me in the right direction.

Interestingly, my father-in-law has an uncanny knack for spotting deer back in West Texas long before anyone else seems to notice them. Turns out his daughter can spot ocean life in the ocean like he spots deer amongst the trees.

Ginger (aka “whale whisperer”) doesn’t have better eyesight than me. She just looks for them and when she spots one she has to tell someone about it. So she sees the dolphins, sea lions, and whales that I would otherwise miss.

This week I’ve been challenged to look for God’s love in a specific and tangible way. You know what I suspect? If I truly look for it, I’ll find it.

Maybe His tangible love will be found in a connection with a friend, a great cup of coffee, a verse or a song, an email, a painting, or a sunrise. I don’t know how He’ll choose to reveal Himself.

But I know this: God wants to show me His tangible love this week. Will I be looking when He does? Or, will I be too focused on my little trail that I miss out?

You’re more likely to spot a whale if you’re watching for one. You’re more likely to spot God’s love if you’re looking for it. When you spot it, you’ll have to share it with someone.

Have a WHALE of a day! 🙂


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  1. Daniel Hahn permalink

    Loved the blog but couldn’t get the picture. L Taking it by faith that there was a whale. Yours, D

    • Thanks Daniel. Couldn’t capture whale with camera but have an obscure couple of seconds on video. May post that later.

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