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Confession: I’m a pastor with doubts

April 1, 2013

Sometimes I doubt God. Sometimes I doubt His goodness. Other times, I doubt His love for me. Every once-in-a-while, I doubt His existence.

“Forget ‘Doubting Thomas’. From here on out I’m calling him, ‘Normal Thomas.’ Jesus rose from the grave. That’s a wild day!” -Jon Acuff

This weekend author Danielle D’Souza and her dad Dinesh joined us for our three Easter services. Danielle, a high school senior, just released her book Y God: An intelligent discussion on the relevance of faith.

What struck me about the D’Souza’s was how comfortably both Danielle and Dinesh embrace their own doubts. Danielle said she recommends people lean into their doubts. “Your doubts reveal that God is ready to teach you something. Pursue your doubts”, she says.

For many Christians, merely having doubts of any kind can be scary. They wonder whether their questions disqualify them being a follower of Christ. They feel insecure because they’re not sure whether it’s permissible to express uncertainty about God, Jesus, or the Bible. So they keep their questions to themselves—and inside, unanswered, they grow and fester . . . until they eventually succeed in choking out their faith. – Lee Strobel, The Case for Faith

This is important because I know my kids have and will have doubts too?

“Fifty years ago we may have been able to isolate our children from some of the big questions that challenge faith. However, today educators, music, and the media will challenge our kids’ faith.” -Dinesh D’Souza.

Suppressing our own doubts may cause our kids to think their doubts are unique to them and reveal a lack of faith on their part.

Is there room for Christians to doubt? Check out this 4-minute Lee Strobel video:

Here’s what I’m learning: “My doubts are God’s doorway to know Him more.”

How about you? How do you respond to your doubts?


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