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6 Unusual Things I Enjoy About the Catalyst-West Conference

April 18, 2013

I’m at the Catalyst West Conference in Orange County. Love the heart of this group!

I love the speakers, inspiration, worship, information, energy, space for reflection, seeing friends, time with co-workers and the fun.

catalyst pic

But here are six unusual things I love about this conference:

1. Feeling old – Today I turn 42. This conference was originally established to engage Christian leaders in their 20’s & 30’s. I’m super encouraged to see thousands of young, high-capacity leaders. I’d be discouraged if everyone were older. I’m encouraged that most are younger.

2. Being disturbed – There’s always at least one speaker (main session or breakout) who says something I don’t agree with and it immediately disturbs me. This causes me to search out why it disturbs me. God always uses this disruption to grow me.

3. Discovering a new problem/solution across the world – I’m busy in local ministry so I’m grateful for people who discover problems and invite us into the solutions. Catalyst thrives at this!

4. Saying, “That’s super cool . . . for your ministry!” – Some of the ministry approaches are contextual. Some are personal style. Some are personal preference. The older I get the more I enjoy being able to support and encourage something without feeling any pressure to implement it personally.

5. Free to dream – I always imagine the potential impact in the Kingdom when I hear thousands of “all in” people worshiping. Always emotional.

6. Learning something new about a co-worker – There’s something about eating at a new restaurant late at night out of town that allows you to comfortably ask, “So tell me about . . .” I love learning more of the personal stories of my teammates.

Gonna be a GREAT couple of days!


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