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Are you angry? 3 ways to monitor your anger

May 27, 2013

Are you struggling with anger?

Is there someone’s face on the dartboard of your mind right now?

Have you been on the receiving end of someone else’s anger?

Statistically, America is considered the most violent nation in the “developed” world clocking in with one violent crime every 24 seconds, an aggravated assault every 48 seconds, a murder every 23 minutes.


“Show me an angry person and I’ll show you a hurt person. And I guarantee you that person is hurt because something has been taken. Somebody owes them something.” -Andy Stanley

“Of all the seven deadly sins, anger is the one that tastes the best. This is the one we actually enjoy . . . we take it in, welcome it, build the nest – then we begin fantasizing speeches, thinking about how to get even, devising plans of attack.” – David Jeremiah

This weekend my pastor, Daniel Hahn, spoke on the topic of anger based on the life of Samsom in Judges 15:1-7. It was such an insightful message. Below are some of the insights.

Five truths about anger: 

1) Anger is often triggered by some sort of disillusionment.

2) Anger is fueled by the perception that a debt is owed.

3) Anger naturally escalates like a wild fire out of control.

4) Anger creates all sorts of collateral damage.

5) Anger leaves relational chasms that can last a lifetime.

“We have the illusion that other people should act better than we act.” – Daniel Hahn

Three ways to monitor your own battle with anger:

 1. Motives

What is your motive? Are you wanting revenge? Are you wanting to make them pay? Are you wishing them harm?

 2. Patterns

What usually triggers your anger?

“One of my (Daniel) ‘anger triggers’ is when I do my best and someone criticizes my best.” What’s triggering your anger?

 3. Results

What are some of the stories, injuries, and outcomes from your previous anger?

No matter how badly you’ve been hurt – there’s another path you can take. There is usually one cure: Forgiveness.

You can listen to all of Daniel’s message by clicking HERE.


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  1. Chuck Grace permalink

    Thanks again for a great blog. The only thought I might have about this is that Anger can be a result of a situation where your really are a victim. In that case anger is not a sin, it is an emotion. What you do with it can result in sin but it also can result in reconciliation. Even Christ was angry but did not sin. Remember the temple money changers? Anger does not have to result in hate. When I list the things I am angry with they are not directed toward people. I mostly get angry with those that would take away or compromise the freedoms of this great nation. This anger spurs me to become informed and sober minded about what is happening around me.

  2. Marla permalink

    Daniels message was so amazing!! Then to top it off for the weekend Dr. Charles Stanley’s sermon was on anger. Seriously God is sending a message to this world about anger issues. It’s time we listen!!!

  3. Steps 4 & 5! I love it when Pastor Daniel moves so easily into the principles of recovery! #cr, #freedom

  4. stuck? cr = freedom. love it!

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