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Struggling to wait? My 9-year-old daughter wants to encourage you

June 3, 2013

I asked my 9-year-old daughter Kennedy to write today’s post. Enjoy.


Patience = waiting until later for what you want now.

I learned that at church last month.

So we went to Disneyland for the first time in December. We rode scary, exciting, and fun rides at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. We had lots of fun!

At 9:30pm we returned to our suburban. We discovered the battery in the suburban was dead! We called the Disneyland auto club to come help us. The guy could not fix our battery.

Two or three hours later a man named Bobby showed up. He asked if he could help. Surprisingly, he was able to fix our battery and we left the Disneyland Parking Lot at 12:15am.

I think God was teaching me patience. I had to wait until later for what I wanted now.

I’m grateful for people like Bobby who helped us. I’m grateful we made it home safely.

“Wait for the Lord. Be strong, don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Ps. 27:14 (That’s the verse we learned last month at church.)

Sometimes God wants you to wait until later for what you want now. God will bring the people you need into your life and He will bring you home safely.


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  1. Wow! Kennedy – Amazing!

  2. Gloria Needham permalink

    That is so great, Kennedy! Thanks for sharing what God has been teaching you.

  3. Amanda P. permalink

    Great job, Kennedy! Thank you for sharing with us and reminding us what we sometimes forget.

  4. This is Kennedy. Thank you for saying that you liked my post. I will be praying for your patience. Kennedy

  5. tan1ner2dog3 permalink

    Hi Kennedy – I really enjoyed reading your post. What a great writer you are! You are practicing your writing skills AND blessing others. I will remember your words next time I want to find patience. Ron and I are enjoying Canada. Today we are in Jasper, Canada. Can you find it on the map? We saw two Elk and three baby elk right outside our motorhome this morning. Then we went on a drive and we saw a black bear with her baby cub! They were so cute! We also saw two huge mooses (or should I say meese???), and a mountain goat and a hawk. And there are ravens everywhere – which look like really big black birds. What’s also weird here is that it doesn’t get dark until 11:00 at night and starts getting light at 4:30 in the morning! Fortunately, the bedroom in our motorhome is really dark so it doesn’t bother me. I know you will be in Texas when we return but I just want you to know that I continue to pray for you every day. I know you will finish your school year very strong and make your parents proud…and me too!!! Love you, sweet girl…Linda

    • Wow! It sounds like you guys are having a blast. Love the update. When Kennedy originally wrote this blog post she asked, “Will Linda see this?” 🙂

      Linda, Ginger & I appreciate you more than you know.

      Pray you guys continue creating memories and have a safe trip back to Ventura.

  6. Linda Conti permalink

    Yes, Linda saw it and Linda is praying for her daily! We have random connectivity with our “peeps” in Ventura, but we have electric, no-waiting connectivity with the God of creation. Yes, lots of memories being forged and we pray that they become branded on our dminishing memories! We continue to pray for the entire Riggins family – we love all of you!

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