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How do you know if you’re winning?

June 10, 2013

You’re going to chase something for the rest of your life.

Real Win will help you lock in on exactly what that should be. Colt McCoy and Matt Carter teach the difficult truths we face as men and leaders.

Ladies, this would be a great Father’s Day gift!

real win

The co-authors:

Colt McCoy was the winningest quarterback in College Football history. (Hook ‘em Horns!)

“I would have never admitted it, but because of my hard work and ‘obedience,’ I felt that God owed me success.”

Matt Carter started Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX which is a growing mega-church with thousands of people attending weekly.

Both faced major disappointments:

Colt was injured in the most important game of his life (2009 National Championship Game).

Matt was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 31.

These life-changing events caused both men to redefine success.

“When a man grasps how short his life is, he begins to live with a new sense of what’s truly important.”

“If the pursuit of God and trusting Him fully isn’t at the core of your life, then it’s going to be impossible for you to really win.”

“There is only one place a man can find true happiness and contentment. In God.” “Your heart will never be satisfied with anything under the sun except God.”

Real Win explores the real win at home (chapters 3-5), at work (chapters 6-7), in your character (chapters 8-9), and long-term and finishing well (chapters 10-11).

“The deepest desire of your heart is God.”

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