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Sticky hands and dirty faces

June 17, 2013

We had a ritual. For the last six years, I’d spend an extra hour with one of my four kids and then take them to preschool every morning.

Each morning when we’d get out of the car to walk to their class, I’d hand them their lunch and hold their hand. Without fail they’d ask, “Daddy is my face clean?” I’d lick my thumb, swipe it across their face and say, “Yep.” Then they’d give me their sticky little hand (who knows what from) and we’d walk together to their class hand-in-hand.

sticky handsEvery time I felt their little sticky hand in mine this little thought would flash across the back of my brain, “I’m gonna miss this someday.” I’d try harder to soak in the moment.

Last week we celebrated my youngest child graduating from preschool. No more extra hour in the morning. No more walks into preschool class. That chapter ends. But it’s only the great chapters that we wish wouldn’t end. So I’m grateful.

A new chapter begins. I’m tempted to rush into it.

But today I want to pause and thank God for those sticky hands and dirty faces.

This is a transitional season for many of us. What are you grateful for?


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  1. You get a “do-over” when your grandkids start preschool!

  2. Mike permalink

    Thanks Mark for this simple yet profound reminder. Our kids grow up WAY too fast and we must slow down and enjoy every moment. It’s the little things that matter over time

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