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The best way to invest the 2nd half of 2013

July 1, 2013

Today you begin the “2nd half” of the year. How’d the “1st half” go?

Did you increase your dependence on God? If you answer “no”, there’s still time to change that in the “2nd half”.

Here are three ways you can increase your dependence on God for the rest of the year:


 1. Go public with your dependence on God

It’s easy to “check your faith” at the door when you’re at work or hanging out with certain people. Resist that temptation. Let people know that you’re dependent on God in a way that makes sense for your personality and your job.

How can you begin publicly communicating your dependence on God?

2. Leverage what you have for others 

Your blessings aren’t just for you. Jesus leveraged His perfection to save us.

What do you have that you can you begin leveraging for the sake of others?

 3. Remember where you came from, where you are, & where you’re going.

It’s tempting to over-identify with our circumstances (good & bad) isn’t it? Remember, you’re a broken person who’s best feature is a redeeming Savior who makes you beautiful before God.

What circumstances are you over-identifying with (job, relationship, finances, hurt)?


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One Comment
  1. Ed zimmemannr permalink

    Great points, if we do not put God in front we have nowhere but where our spirit will lead. We know that is to death and destruction. Putting God in front also allows us to fulfill Jesus, commandment, to spread the Message.

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