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The FASTEST way to build the Kingdom may be your church building

July 15, 2013

Last week I stood inside the most beautiful auditorium I’ve personally ever experienced. I was standing inside the Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. The stunning facility became a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 2004.

Air Force Academy Chapel

But I couldn’t believe my ears when one of the staff members answered my question. The staff member told me that, despite the thousands who are stationed at the USAF Academy, less than 10 people attend services at the 1,200 seat protestant chapel each weekend. It has become nothing but a breathtaking museum. Wow! Isn’t that sad?

A magnificent facility just sits there everyday making zero Kingdom impact. Tragic!

Additionally, thousands of churches today are equally tragic. Other than Sunday morning, church facilities often just sit there everyday making zero Kingdom impact. Tragic! It must break God’s heart to see useful buildings sit empty all week.

If you have a permanent facility, the fastest way to build the Kingdom is to open up your building for others. Here are a couple of ways to quickly impact the Kingdom:

Allow a church planter to use your facility on a Saturday or Sunday night. (As a former church planter, I was surprised by how resistant most pastors are to rent their facility on an off night.)

Allow community organizations to use your facility. (Currently, our church has 26 local non-profit organizations occupying our entire campus throughout the week. I love the message this sends to our community. We are here FOR THEM.)

Leveraging your building for His Kingdom means you can’t over decorate it, you can’t over design it, and you can’t over own it. It’s His. Let Him use it with and without you.

Let’s eliminate the museums and become generous Kingdom builders.

Will you begin to look for opportunities to build the Kingdom with your building?


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