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Lessons from Dallas Cowboys Training Camp – Day 1: Don’t underestimate the value of a fresh start

July 22, 2013

Do you feel mediocre or insignificant?

You’re not alone. Yesterday I drove by a field full of mediocre millionaires as they practiced their craft hoping to finally become champions. It was Day 1 of the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp.

The Cowboys were the definition of “middle of the road” last year when they finished the season by winning exactly half of their games. The were a non-issue in the playoffs.

Maybe you feel like you are “middle of the road” and are a “non-issue” in your leadership, in your relationships, or in your future all because of your past.

The Cowboy’s entire organization showed up as if last season is history. It is. They are beginning a brand new year and approach it as if they have the same opportunity as the other 31 NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. That’s the beauty of a brand new season.

Picture via USA Today

Picture via USA Today

For the past few months everyone within the organization penciled this date on the calendar knowing that’s when everything starts over. Think of it as “NFL Grace”.

(I shared HERE why I think churches should leverage this cycle in ministry.)

Why don’t you personally do that? Pick a day (maybe today) and decide that on that day you will begin a new journey headed in a new direction.

Set your goal, change what needs to change, put a system and team of people in place to encourage you along the way, and then start your new season with gusto!

Whatever your past, today can be the beginning of a fresh start!

Beginning today, become the kind of Dad/husband, Mom/wife, Pastor, Leader, person you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s to fresh starts and Super Bowls!


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  1. Steve permalink

    Like your analogy Mark; you can’t underestimate the “team” concept. Without support and accountability, one would most-likely be set-up to fail once again.

    • I agree on our need for each other. Any progress I ever make is always fueled by support from someone else. Seems God made us that way. 🙂 Thanks Steve!

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