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They will never pay you back #ForgivenessFriday

August 9, 2013

Your offender will never pay you back. Your offender will never pay you back.

Carrying a grudge is heavy but the worst part is the unhelpful expectation that your offender will some day pay you back.

Surrendering to God’s story means you give your offender what they don’t deserve: Forgiveness.

The common approach is “you owe, you pay.” God’s approach is “you owe, I’ll pay.” (Matthew 18)

pay off the debt

Ask yourselves these questions:

What pain have some of your heroes endured?

What strengths do you have that will help you pay off their debt?

Who will benefit from you paying off this debt?

How will they benefit?

How would your life be better if this debt was removed?

Your offender will never pay you back. What will you do about the debt?


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  1. Anne & Ray Gordon permalink


    The only strength that I have that will help me pay off that debt is GOD and I am hurting to the core. They are not aware that I know about it….. and the ONLY one I can go to is God. I would appreciate it if you would say a prayer for me. I will let you know when the answer comes. ANNE GORDON

  2. Anne I am so sorry that you have this pain. Every pain is incredibly unique isn’t it? Only God can fully relate. I’m glad you’re choosing to lean on Him. I will pray that God provides someone in your life that can support you through your healing/forgiving process.

  3. Anne permalink

    I really enjoy the blogs on your site. I feel as though I am among friends who genuinely care for one another. God is using your online ministry.

    • Thanks Anne. I agree that the people who are part of this conversation are some of the most thoughtful, insightful, and genuine people. I’m also grateful for that encouragement!

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