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Tired of waiting on God?

September 23, 2013

Are you waiting on God? Have you noticed that He often lets us wait . . . for awhile?

If you’re waiting, you’re not alone. God has a history of leaving people waiting.


He leaves Abraham with his knife raised ready to plunge into his son.

He leaves Joseph languishing in an Egyptian prison for many years.

He allows the Israelites to suffer and wonder for 400 years.

He leaves Jesus on the cross and does not rescue Him.

And maybe He seems to be allowing you to languish right now. God’s rescues are not as timely as calling 911.

Be encouraged, He always rescues. Sometimes His rescue looks like an unexpected miracle. Sometimes His rescue is death. Ultimately, our eternity is with Him. That’s worth waiting on.


From → Theology

  1. Sometimes God is waiting for us to align with His will. Sometimes we need to learn patience. Trying to be at peace while waiting is a real struggle for me, but I’ve found out the hard way that my self -efforts to ” move things along” usually ends up badly.

    • That is good insight. I struggle to wait too! Waiting includes surrendering – another word I struggle with.

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