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Does someone irritate you?

November 1, 2013

Be honest, certain people frustrate you!

When you see their caller-id on your phone your stomach tightens and you think . . . bad stuff!

You might not even know why they irritate you but they do. Could be their personality, their approach to life, their attitude, their values, or their choice of NFL football team.


Does diversity have to be the death of chemistry?

Diversity is God’s idea. He designed us differently. He’d actually be disappointed if everyone were like me.

God loves diversity. But our sin and brokenness make diversity our challenge to unity. This isn’t a new problem. Every gathering of Christians experience this (see Phil. 4:2 or most of the NT).

We are incomplete as individuals and we are different parts of the same body. I want others to be like me but God doesn’t.

Imagine if we began to celebrate diversity. How could you celebrate diversity in your marriage, your parenting, your extended family, your staff, your small group, your church, other churches, and in God’s Kingdom?

How are 3 ideas to help us embrace diversity and unity: 

1. Resist being irritated by diverse personalities; instead, choose to celebrate diversity as God’s thumbprint

2. Recognize that our collective brokenness (their sins AND mine) creates the tension

3. Learn to see people as they could be, not just as they are


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