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Starting Small: The Ultimate Small Group Blueprint by Ben Reed

December 2, 2013

Ben Reed (small group guru) just released his first book in which he shares his own wisdom on leading small groups. It’s relevant for group leaders and group pastors. Here’s a quick overview:

ben reed book graphic

Chapter 1: Introduction

Ben starts off sharing why he’s passionate about small groups.

“My story was forever changed through healthy community. I was different because God used intentional relationships in a small group to bring change in my heart in a way that was much faster than other ways.”

“If you don’t know where your story intersects with small groups, it’ll be hard for you to lead others to get excited.”

Chapter 2: The Why before the What

“Without relational connection, the church isn’t the church. The church isn’t a building to be occupied by people once a week. You don’t believe that, and neither do I. The church is us, the people. We are the ones for whom Christ died. Not our buildings. Not our hymnals. Not our pews. It’s the people who are the church. And without relational connection, you don’t have a church.”

Chapter 3: No Failure to Launch

“Warning: This strategy is dangerous. You may get someone who’s absolutely unqualified and unequipped to be the leader. But Rick Warren once told me, ‘You can structure for control, or you can structure for growth, but you can’t structure for both.’ And he’s right. Do you believe that God is in control? Do you believe that God is the giver of gifts? Then He’s the one who’s given them that leadership ability.”

My favorite insight from Ben for Group Pastor’s is found on pg. 25. When someone approaches you and says, “There’s just not a group that works for me.” Ben’s response is wise and super helpful. Gotta buy the book to read Ben’s response.

Chapter 4: Planning Connection

Ben shares his early challenges in small group ministry then provides some practical insights on the key for a successful group launch, pro’s/con’s of common group launch options, alternatives to group launch, and how to build momentum leading up to the launch.

Chapter 5: Keeping a Good Thing Going

In this final chapter Ben shares the “#1 marker of success in a small group”. You’ll have to get the book.

Finally, Ben shares how you (the group leader) can help create an atmosphere for a healthy group.

Overall, this book uniquely targets group pastors and group leaders. An easy read that I’ll personally reference again many times. Click HERE to pickup your copy.

Ben’s bio:

ben reed picBen is the small groups pastor at Long Hollow, a multi-site church in the Nashville, TN area. In addition to pastoring, preaching, and writing, Ben has a great passion for coffee. Good coffee, that is. And CrossFit. But not at the same time.

You can journey along with Ben at


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