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4 things I do to get out of a funk

February 7, 2013

My personality can include occasional melancholy. But, in the words of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, I prefer feeling “happy, happy, happy.”

But when I feel down I’m tempted to “give in” and host a good ol’ fashioned self-focused pity party that NO ONE else is invited to attend.


But I know there’s a better way. So when I feel down I intentionally do 4 things:

1) Remember God’s promises – Scripture is true. My emotions often aren’t. Emotions are great indicators but terrible leaders. So I need to spend time reading what I know is reliable.

 2) Spend time with people who encourage me – My temptation is to isolate myself. (I can always say I’m super busy and escape interactions.) However, God consistently uses others to help me see beyond myself.

 3) Get plenty of rest – I’m not depressed, I’m just tired. When I’m tired I’m more susceptible to my emotions. If I’ll just commit to getting extra rest, I’ve discovered that I bounce back strong within 24-48 hours.

 4) Exercise – Going outside for exercise is extremely therapeutic for me. I love to walk on the beach and hear the sound of the ocean. The physical endorphin rush from exercise helps me battle my emotions.

Here’s another article with some immediate steps written by Micheal Hyatt.

How about you? What do you do to battle your emotions?


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  1. arlonne permalink

    Great information for all of us!

  2. Larry permalink

    Mark, I love peeking under your hood and seeing all of that horsepower.

    • Larry many of us are following the leadership you and Lindy display regularly. Grateful we get to be on the same team!

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